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What Are Creative Ways to Use Boulders?

creative ways to use boulders

To Naturalize a Landscape

A well-placed boulder can bring a natural look to any landscape by blending the hard edges of sidewalks and drives to the natural organic quality of plants and vegetation. Boulders should be placed near a visual spot of any landscape and can be planted around with small perennials or annuals to finish the look. Boulders are best places slightly into the ground rather than on top of the soil to naturalize them into the landscape better.

Water Features

water features

Boulders can be used to create custom one of a kind water features and ponds. Whether you create a natural open koi pond or just a bubbling boulder system, boulders are essential to any water feature.

Focal Points

focal points

The right boulder can provide a focal point for any garden. When finding a boulder as a focal point start with the scale of the garden. You want to find something that fits in to surrounding without looking too big or too small. Also look for striking colors and shapes when choosing a boulder as a focal point.

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